Technical Support

(For machines purchased in the USA only)

For technical support before you call please be ready as follows so we can better and more quickly assist you:

1. Be beside your machine, external battery pack, battery charger and AC Adapter, as the case may be.

2. Be close to a working electrical outlet.

3. Serial # which is on the white label on the bottom of the machine and the name you purchased the machine under.

4. Software version, which is the 1st line when the machine turns on (if it does turn on),

5.The exact error code observed on the screen, if any.

6. Have a phillips screwdriver handy, which may be necessary to troubleshoot.

7. If you received voice mail when calling please leave your # and the best time to call back.

We are an independent distributor so if you did not purchase your machine from Spinfire USA please contact the company you purchased it from or the manufacturer,

Phone Orders

We are happy to take your phone order at 888-244-0003. We are not allowed to ship to countries that already have a Spinfire Distributor.

Pro 2 V2 Manual

V2 Manual

Pro 2 V1 Manual


General Inquiries:

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Office & Warehouse

Spinfire USA Inc., 145 Gruner Rd, Buffalo, NY 14227

Toll-Free: 888-244-0003 / Buffalo, NY: 716-462-6145

Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm ET

* Please email or leave a voicemail after hours and we will endeavour to contact you even if our office is closed *

Direct Email

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Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine Delivery Times