Slimline Remote Upgrade from Antenna Remote or v3 Slimline remote (requires control panel return) – Includes Latest Software Upgrade


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Upgrade your bulkier antenna remote to our slimline credit-card featherweight remote and receive the latest software upgrade in the process. Note that this is a return-to-depot control panel-only upgrade . After you place your order we will email you an RMA # and ship to address. We do upgrades once a month so after you place your order we will let you know when the next monthly upgrade date is so that your time without use of your machine is at a minimum. To remove the panel you need to follow the first 30 seconds of this video:

How to remove the control panel and cover

Once removed it should be bubble wrapped and packaged (with the antenna remote if you have it). The least expensive method of shipment is the USPS Medium Size Box (available for free at USPS). We highly recommend you ship it insured for $618 as that is the cost of replacing the control panel assembly and we cannot be responsible for loss or damage during shipment to us.