External Battery Pack with Cables, 23Ah Lithium Battery + Lithium Battery Charger


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Use your Pro 2 with an external battery instead of internal battery, in addition to internal battery or with a second external battery. This 3 advantages: 1. It is 13 lbs lighter so easier to lift; 2. You can leave the machine in the car and only bring in the battery to charge; and 3. Replacing batteries only takes a few minutes. Battery charger Not Included.

Note that you must purchase the 8-hr Lithium Battery Charger to charge this battery.

You must not use an SLA battery charger to charge this battery.

Note that you must have a red master switch on the bottom of your machine to use this External Battery Pack. If you have the black one instead you need to also order the 3-Way Red-Master Switch & 4-Wire Charger Jack,

Warranty: Battery – 2 years. Case & cables – 1 year