Replacement SLA Battery


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  • Note this item is out of stock * If you are receiving a low battery warning and/or the length of time your machine will operate has significantly decreased you may require a new battery. If your machine will not turn on at all please ensure that the master switch on the underside of the machine is set to the correct setting, ie | for internal battery or || for external battery (or AC Power).

Thia battery carries a 6-month warranty.

Specifications so that you can purchase one online elsewhere or locally): 12V, 20AH, 13lb/6kg (but 18Ah & 22Ah can also be used, with the former being about 1lb lighter and the latter being 1lb heavier), approximately 7″/180mm (L) x 3″/77mm (W) x 6.75″165mm (H). The terminal type is T3 (post) or screw down. Note that some suppliers only provide a 1-month warranty. 6 months should be the minimum you should accept.

If you have an external battery pack all you need to do is remove the cables from the leads on the battery using a screwdriver and small wrench or pliers and re-attach them to the new battery, taking care to connect red (+) and black (-) wires to the terminals with the same color and marketings on the battery. If you have an internal battery you must remove the control panel and cover in order to replace the battery. Here are 2 videos that show how to do this:

Removing the control panel & cover

Replacing the battery

You can also order the Spinfire Portable Battery Pack Upgrade to convert the Spinfire Pro 2 with internal battery to a Portable Battery Machine here.