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What an amazing retirement gift from my wife. This machine has helped to reinvigorate my joy for tennis.

– DUNN@53018 –

Well worth the investment. Would buy again.

– TGB –

Looked for a tennis ball machine for months and was about to pull trigger on a Lobster machine but the reviews for this were so good. And now I can say they were all right!


I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This is THE ball machine to buy, bar none.


Best investment ever!!! By far beats all competition, if there is any!!!


I did a lot of research on competing models and we could not be happier with our decision.

– STEF C –

Excellent product. Exceeds already high expectations.


The Spinfire machine had all those features, appeared to be well built, was recommended by some well known players and reviews gave high marks on customer service, so I bought it. I love it.


This is an amazing ball machine. I have used previous ball machines at our club and there is no comparison to the Spinfire Pro 2.


This machine does the job remarkably well. The design is compact and attractive.


Wow! This thing is amazing.

– MIKE –

I've used many ball machines over the years, but this is a well-crafted and excellent machine.


I almost bought a competitive product and I'm glad I didn't. I love my Spinfire! It's so easy to set up and use.


Just picked up the Spinfire V2 tennis ball machine and wow, it's awesome! This thing is built like a tank.


Very pleased with the resilience and quality, and performance in the machine is excellent.


Excellent tennis partner, functioning as described


Overall, very satisfied. The machine is built very well, yet quite light and easy to move in/out of the car.

– ADAM –

This machine is incredible. It came to me in perfect condition. The service was exceptional.


Kevin Garland of Total Tennis Domination convinced me with his YouTube presentation to purchase the Spinfire. It is an amazing ball machine!


Great workout! Machine worked perfectly, not one jam.

– BILL _

I've had my SFv2 for about a month now, and it's literally been a game changer


Stop comparing ball machines. I did it for you, and the Spinfire is the one to get.


Spinfire Pro is really everything I wanted in a tennis ball machine.


I've used the other major competitors extensively. This is by far the best

– BOB –

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!World’s #1 Selling Personal Tennis Ball Machine

with Internal Oscillation

Internal oscillation means the machine does not warn you which way to run when the ball shoots in the random modes (that’s cheating!. That also makes it quieter, faster & results in less wear & tear.

Back In Stock & Shipping Mon-Fri

Now includes a smartphone app at no extra charge in addition to the popular handheld Slimline remote, along with the ability to vary Spin, Speed & Interval Automatically!

Disguised Ball Delivery

Multiple Configurable Drills

Automatic Ball Speed, Spin, Height  & Interval Variation

20-80 mph Ball Speed

10 Levels of Topspin & Backspin

2-15 Second Ball Interval

Handheld Slimline Remote & Smartphone App Included

Remote & Battery or AC Adapter Included

Unique Sensorless Digital Design

2 or 5-Year Warranty

Optional Lithium Battery with 11-Yr Warranty

Support & Service Based In The USA (Niagara Falls, NY)

Only Sold Direct To Keep The Price As Low As Possible

On The Market For 15 Years Now

As featured in Tennis Industry Magazine


Price Includes:
Remote Control (our competitors charge up to $325 extra!)
and an Internal or External Battery & Charger or AC Power Only


Tennis ball machines are a fantastic way to practice and improve your game, regardless of your skill level. The Spinfire Pro 2 makes it easy to practice a wide range of shots, test yourself with a variety of paces, spins and elevations, and build your mobility and fitness with practice drills.

With a number of improvements over the original version of which tens of thousands were sold for over a decade, the new Spinfire Pro 2 offers things you’d normally only find on a much more expensive machine. It includes internal movement, an easy-to-use control panel and remote control, and 150-ball capacity – all wrapped up in an extremely stylish and compact design.


Various Pre-Programmed Drills:

  • Numerous pre-programmed drills using the smartphone app
  • Create your own drills or have the app generate the drill using AI
  • If you wish to use the handheld slimline remote the there are 14 combinations of drills using a simple touch of a button, including:
    • Single-Line Drill
    • Single-Line Drill with Random Long/Short Balls
    • 2-Line Drill: Narrow, Medium or Wide
    • 2-Line Drill with Random Long/Short Balls
    • Horizontal Drill: Narrow, Medium or Wide
    • Horizontal Drill with Random Long/Short Balls creating a true player-style drill because the machine does not even move unless all of the old-technology machines out there
  • Added Bonus: Any of the drills above can be performed anywhere up to a 60 degree lob unlike other machines that have less than 1/2 that lob height
  • Ability to adjust Speed, Spin, Ball Interval & Ball Height for any drill or have the machine vary them automatically


    Portability and Practicality:

    • Compact design with an extra handle at the top of the front opening when the ball hopper is inverted
    • No machine drift like other smaller lighter machine so no running back and forth to realign the machine with the court
    • Large transport wheels with a full axle through the body for added stability, strength and ground clearance
    • A compartment to store the remote control
    • Self-calibration so the throwing wheels are always centered in the opening every time you turn on the machine
    • Court set-up literally takes a couple of minutes

    Reliability and Durability:

    • Digital design with upgraded components not seen in other machines
    • Lack of any physcial sensors whatsoever. No machine on the market today has this advanced technology.
    • Ease of cleaning
    • Simple DIY repair in most cases, if necessary
    • Streamlined design, including internal cabling & battery brace
    • 2-Year Standard Warranty with Optional 5-Year Warranty which is among the highest offered in the industry
    • 25Ah Lithium Battery Option which is the highest of any ball machine on the market. Includes an astounding 11-Year Warranty from our battery supplier
    • More than a decade of reliability in the market place with tens of thousands of machines in use in over 50 countries around the world



    Key features and benefits

    Internal movement

    Unlike most ball machines, which change the direction of the ball by moving the whole machine from side to side, the Spinfire Pro 2 moves internally. This allows for faster re-direction that machines without internal movement and makes shots less predictable. The internal parts are black to even further disguise shot direction.

    Random modes

    With both horizontal and vertical random modes, balls can be delivered across the full width of the singles court with depth variation. The Spinfire Pro 2 can be set to deliver the same trajectory over and over or a variety of random trajectories. ‘Horizontal Random’ can be set to deliver balls across a narrow, medium or wide area. ‘Vertical Random’ delivers short or long balls in a random order. Both ‘Horizontal Random’ and ‘Vertical Random’ can be combined for a very realistic playing pattern.


    Two-line & Single Line drills

    The Two-Line Drill feature delivers alternating forehands and backhands. It can be set to ‘wide’, ‘medium’ or ‘narrow’ to vary the degree of difficulty. The ‘wide’ setting makes you run from side to side, ‘narrow’ allows you to remain in the middle of the court, while ‘medium’ is between the two. The Single Line Drill allows to ‘groove’ a shot over and over a point on the court. You can also combine either of these drills with Vertical Random to modify the drill to deliver short or long balls in random order. Of course you can also set the timing between each ball and the speed and spin of balls as in any mode.

    Extreme topspin and slice capability

    Using counter rotating wheels, the Spinfire Pro 2 operates very quietly and can generate maximum topspin and slice if desired.

    Height Variation up to High Lobs

    The Spinfire Pro 2 elevation will allow you to practice any drill at elevations that will shoot the ball just over the net to high lobs. Differing elevations can also be combined with Vertical Random to further enhance your practice.

    Remote control

    All functions can be controlled remotely from the other side of the court using the Spinfire featherweight slimline direct touch remote control. Unlike smartphone control, there is no need to run around the court with a heavy device in your pocket, risk dropping, endure phone interruptions and breaking it or having the battery run mid-session. All drills and settings can be changed either ‘on-the-fly’ while balls are shooting or paused at your option.

    Easy portability

    Compact and lightweight, the Spinfire Pro 2 fits in the trunk of most cars and also in the passenger or back seat. The ball hopper can be reversed to neatly cover and be stored on the machine. Solid wheels and an extendable handle allow you to pull or push it almost anywhere.

    Remote Control

    Three power options

    You can choose to have a built-in or external battery pack, or plug-in AC power option. The external battery pack makes the machine much lighter, allowing you to leave it in the car and just bring the battery inside for charging. A fast charger is also available, cutting the charging time from 11 hours to 4-5 hours for an empty battery. If your court has easy access to an electrical outlet, you may prefer the plug-in AC power option for unlimited usage.


    The Spinfire Pro 2 machine is covered by an outstanding 2-year warranty parts & labor warranty. SLA batteries have a 6-month warranty and lithium batteries have a 2-year warranty or 5 Years under the 5-Year Extended Warranty ($199 extra). See complete terms Terms & Conditions below.

    30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are so confident that you’ll love the performance of the Spinfire Pro 2 that we offer a money back guarantee backed by Spinfire USA Inc. So if you’re not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, we will refund what you paid for your machine if you return it to us at your expense excluding shipping charges less a 10% restocking fee. See complete Terms & Conditions below  

                                            Detailed List of Features & Benefits

                                                                                If The Machine You’re Considering Doesn’t Match Up 
                                                                                                    Then You’re Buying Old Technology
    Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Detailed List of Features & Benefits

    If The Machine You’re Considering Doesn’t Match Up Then You’re Buying Old Technology

    30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Ball Direction Is Hidden As The Pro 2 Does Not Move Resulting In The Most Random Player Mode Available Today

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine does not move when it shoots a ball  This is known as ‘Internal Oscillation;. The Pro 2 Random Mode is therefore as close to hitting with a real player as possible. The inside of the machine has black powder-coated metal-work which provides durability. This makes each shot even less predictable as it does not reflect light. This design provides the benefit of the machine being able to execute changes in ball direction faster than other machines and also operating quieter than when the motor is external.

    Includes Featherweight All-Function Remote - No Bulky Heavy Smartphone To Unlock & Fumble With

    Others charge extra for the remote control or require you to use only a smartphone to control the machine, which are heavy, more cumbersome to use than our direct-touch remote and generally just a pain to use with a tennis ball machine (unlock the device, click the app, click the proper button, then get interrupted by tweets, chirps, emails, phone calls, texts, facebook, instagram, not to mention then you drop it and you crack the screen!).

    4 x 20 Character Plain English Control Panel Display

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine can also be controlled from the membrane touch panel. The 4×20 character backlit LCD display shows the settings, programs, battery life and diagnostic information. Much better than many other legacy machines that only have a 2-digit or even no display.

    Extensive Plain English Diagnostics

    These diagnostics make it very easy to pinpoint any issue with the machine in order that it can be addressed quickly.

    Ultimate Portability & Lightest in its Class

    The External Battery Pack and AC Power-Only Models weigh 40 lbs so they are easy to lift. The External Battery Pack model has the advantage of allowing you to leave the machine in the car and only bring in the battery to charge. This takes up less space. You can replace the battery in an instant with with the External Battery Pack model as you do not have to take apart the machine. 

    To move the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine you only need to reverse the hopper over the machine body, extend the handle from underneath the machine and pull it like luggage. The handle neatly retracts under the machine during storage. You can even move the Pro 2 with the Carry Case or Dust Cover on the machine.

    Unique Snooze Mode - Saves Battery Power & More

    This allows you to save battery power while and also makes the machine quieter while you pick up balls or someone comes over to talk your ear off while you are trying to practice with your machine.

    Many Pre-Programmed & Configurable Drills - So You Don't Have To

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine Pre-Programmed Drills include Single-Line & Two-Line Drill (Narrow, Medium & Wide) and Horizontal Oscillation Drill (Medium & Wide). All of these drills can be combined Verical Oscillation to provide random play. In addition these drills can be performed in horizontal or lob mode, which has 200 elevation settings. You can choose various speeds, spin and interval between balls for any of the drills. Other machines which claim to be able to be programmed only allow 6 balls to be programmed, after which the cycle repeats itself so you will quickly know where to run, not to mention their machine will even rotate to point you in the right direction! Why pay more for that? It’s hardly a player mode anywhere comparable to the Spinfire Pro 2.

    – All settings can be changed on the fly while the balls are shooting out or while the tennis ball machine is paused.

    See the video above for explanations of these various programs.

    2-15 Second Ball Intervals - Widest Range Of Any Machine

    The wide range of interval between balls accommodates beginners to advanced players. The 15 second interval can be convenient where there are 2 players practising with machine, such as one on the forehand side and one on the backhand side. In addition, this long interval allows someone to serve a ball to you in between the machine throwing a ball. No other machine has this range of ball interval. Note that the fastest that a professional player can return a ball is about 2.7 seconds so a 2 second interval is more than adequate.

    20-80 mph (32-130kph) Ball Speed

    The wide range of ball speeds from 20-80mph (32kph-130kph) will be suitable for children, beginners, and intermediate to the most advanced players.

    Widest Range of Topsin & Backspin Including Extreme Spin

    The 10 Levels of topspin & backspin will tax even the most advanced player.

    Varying Width, Depth & Elevation of Shots Including Up to High Lobs

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine throwing wheel mechanism can oscillate both vertically and horizontally. This provides shots of varying depth and width over the court. These movements can be turned on individually or together thereby providing completely random play. The elevation control allows you to create lob style shots or anywhere in between. This can be used in conjunction with any pre-programmed drill or setting.

    Large Capacity 150-Ball Hopper - Hit More Before Ball Pick Up

    The Spinfire’s 150-ball hopper is quick to install when at the court and fits over the body when in storage. 

    Automatic Self-Centering On Start-Up So You Don't Have to

    On many tennis ball machines when it is turned on the throwing wheels point to the last location they were on previous shut-down. This requires you to manually center them yourself. The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine automatically centers on start-up thus saving you time. Then, like any machine, all you need to do is to fire a couple balls to make sure you have aligned it properly along the centreline of the court.

    Automatic Last Settings Memory Feature

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine recalls the last settings using for interval, speed, spin and elevation each time you turn on the machine. After spending time learning your favorite settings and inputting them into the machine, it is nice to know you do not have to re-enter them.

    Automatic Last Settings Memory Feature

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine recalls the last settings using for interval, speed, spin and elevation each time you turn on the machine. After spending time learning your favorite settings and inputting them into the machine, it is nice to know you do not have to re-enter them.

    Pocket To Store The Remote Control Right On The Machine

    No more trying to remember where you placed that remote.

    3-8 Hour Play Time on Battery - Unlimited on AC

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine is supplied with a 20 Amp-Hour battery and therefore will last from about 3-8 hours depending on the settings used. 

    Universal World-Wide Approved Charger & AC Adapter

    Our power supplies (Standard Charger, Fast Charger and AC Adapter) are 100-240VAC & 50/60HZ 250VA which means they will work anywhere in the world as long as you add on the inexpensive plug that converts the standard US plug. Also, they have all worldwide electrical approvals unlike some of our competitors from overseas whose power supplies are not even approved for use in the US. Call for details so we can warn you of possible fire hazards with their products.

    Top Quality Extreme Grip Ball Propulsion

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine features extreme grip counter-rotating throwing wheels which are the most effective method of ball propulsion. This allows allows the machine to remain silent and effectively produce 10 levels each of topspin and backsplin/slice. You can also choose no spin at all.

    No Extra Charge for our Popular External Battery Option

    Unlike the competion we don’t charge extra for our External Battery Pack Option which many prefer over the Internal Battery. However, even if you order the external battery model you can still convert it at a later date to the internal battery model  yourself with our handy video instructions.

    Note that the Spinfire Pro 2 is stable even without the Internal Battery, unlike some of our competitors which require you to place a weight inside the machine so it does not move.

    Automatic & Exclusive Ball Feeder Safety Feature

    When the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine does not detect a ball in about 30 seconds it turns off the feed more. This is to take care of the situation where you forget to turn off the ball feeder while picking up balls because you think all the balls have dropped and then one that was stuck finally drops and shoots out. It is not fun to get hit in the head by a tennis ball at 80mph! This feature is unique to the Spinfire Pro 2.

    Custom-Molded Impact-Resistant Rotomolded Contemporary Body

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine body is constructed of roto-formed and moulded high-impact resistant plastic. It will not rust or dent like the cheap metal boxes that are used on the less expensive budget tennis ball machines in order to save on cost. As a result your machine will last many years.

    Works With Pressureless, Pressurized & Junior Tennis Balls

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine is designed to work with both pressureless tennis balls and pressurized tennis balls. our SetPoint Premium Pressurless Tennis Balls save you money over the long run and maintain their consistency. The only balls that cannot be used are the children’s red-dot as it is too large to fit through the throwing wheels or foam balls.

    Suitable For Any Court Surface Including Clay

    The magnetic horizontal sensor ensures even clay court dust will not hamper the operation of the machine.

    DIY Repairs Easily Done Or Let Us Repair It (Free in Warranty)

    If something goes wrong with your machine, which is very rare with the Spinfire given we offer only one model and it has been perfected over the years, we have a series of videos that allow you to repair the machine with a replacement part provided by us free of charge during the warranty period. All it typically takes is a screwdriver and we have videos to assist you. Alternatively you can send the machine back to our USA repair facility and we will do it free of charge. In that case you cover the shipping to us and we take care of it back to you.

    Quiet & Fast Operation Due to Internal Mechanism

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine is one of the quietest machines available today because the oscillation is entirely internal. The players on other courts will appreciate this.

    Extensive Diagnostic Messages - Why Guess?

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine has an extensive array of diagnostic messages that will appear on the LCD display if there is an issue. The messages pinpoint the exact issue your machine may exhibit. This will rarely happen but is so the messages assist in returning the machine to trouble-free operation.

    Padel Tennis Mode & Compatible with Paddle Balls

    Padel & Paddle Tennis are both played on a smaller version of a tennis court. Padel is the second most popular sport in Spain. Paddle Tennis lends itself to winter playing. These sports are gaining in popularity worldwide as space becomes a premium and the average age of the population increases.

    US-Based Extensive 10am-5pm ET Mon-Fri Support

    Spinfire USA provides US-based phone support 10am-5pm Mon-Fri from our headquarters in Buffalo, NY. .

    2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty with Optional 4-Yr

    We provide a 2-Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty (battery – 6 months) and an optional 4-Year Warranty (does not extend battery warranty). We do not require you to send in a warranty validation card. The warranty starts from the date of receipt of your machine, not the date of purchase. In the rare event there is an issue with your machine we provie the option of you shipping it to us or instead we can ship you the required part. We will also provide you with videos and written instructions on how to replace the part. Typically it takes no more than a philips screwdriver. We are also available on the phone and through Skype or Facetime to guide you through what is almost always an easy process.

    Sold World-Wide in over 50 countries

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine has proven to withstand the test of time. It has now been on the market for 10 years and has received world-wide market acceptance around the world.

    100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    We offer the most generous no questions asked ‘100% Satisfaction’ guarantee in the industry. Simply call us by the 30th day after receipt if you would like to return your machine for a refund which would be comprised of 95% of the purchase price excluding shipping costs or open ball packages. Then ship the machine back within 5 business days. Our competitors only provide between 1-3 weeks or less and require you to have it back in their warehouse within 30 days after purchase, not delivery. Why are we so generous? Because we have so much confidence in our product. Please see our Terms & Conditions for complete information and requirements.